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Committee of Practitioners (CoP) Exit Ticket

The objective of an exit ticket is to reinforce key points from the CoP meeting, which allows the CoP members to communicate, connect with the provided material, and provide feedback. The exit ticket can reinforce information, provide a moment of reflection, and/or allow the CoP members, leadership team, and Nevada Department of Education time to evaluate what committee members took away from the meeting and provide clarity and additional information sources for those that desire.

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CoP Communication Platform

Additionally, the CoP Communication platform gives CoP members an area to communicate best practices, share information between committee members, and continuously improve the education for the students we serve.

The communication platform is designed as non-public and is only available to CoP committee leadership, members, and NDE support roles. Each member has an opportunity to post, communicate, and moderate.

What can be shared by members:

  • Best practices

  • Documents

  • Files

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • Gallery

  • Soundtracks

  • Create a poll

  • Comment

  • Emoji

  • Gif

The communication platform can be accessed by CoP members by clicking here: discussion - Title I Committee of Practitioners | EPEXshare

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