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Jessica DeLallo

Interim Title I Director, Education Programs Professional

Title I-D Neglected or Delinquent

Title I, Part D, Subpart I provides funding to State agencies that are responsible or providing a free public education in institutions for neglected or delinquent children and youth, including adult correctional institutions. Subpart 2 provides funding to support the operation of Local Educational Agency (LEA) programs that involve collaboration with locally operated correctional facilities.  In both subparts, the intent is to provide supplemental support to eligible students enrolled in educational programs at the State agency or locally operated correctional facility. This support should provide such students with the same opportunities to achieve and succeed as they would have had if they had been in the regular program schools of the Local Educational Agencies within Nevada.  Support includes additional assistance in reading, mathematics, and the other core subjects required for a regular high school diploma, vocational training, job training or job readiness skills acquisition, and transitional services to assist the student whether he/she is returning to an LEA school, continuing education at a postsecondary or alternative educational institution, or seeking employment.

Title I, Partd D Guidance Document

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