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2023 Federal Title Directors Meeting In-person Agenda (2)_edited.png
2023 Federal Title Directors Meeting In-person Agenda (2)_edited.png

Federal Program Updates – Title I

Naples 6-7

Mar 7, 2023

Pershing County School District, Esmeralda County School District, Washoe County School District, Douglas County School District


  • Welcome and introductions (Title I team)

  • Purpose of this session and spend-down best practices (Title I team)

  • Panel Discussion (panel)

    • Note: each LEA will have 3-4 minutes to discuss their spend-down philosophies and best practices

  • Questions for the panelists (panel)

    • Note: this session will allow attendees to ask the panel questions. If there are no questions, or limited questions, from the audience, the Title I team will present some or all of the following questions to the panel:

1. Knowing that we cannot change timelines or systems that are in place, what are some strategies that have been helpful in expediting RFRs?

2. What types of training or support would be beneficial for your fiscal team?

3. What internal controls do you utilize to ensure and validate that RFRs are accurate before submitting?

4. Are there any rules of thumbs for Title I expenditure categories that you would like FAQs on?

5. What resources and supports do you utilize in making fiscal decisions (I.e. Title I Office Hours,, LRP publications, etc.)?

6. What NDE supports do you find are the most helpful for fiscal decision-making?

  • Table-top discussion (audience)

  • Audience share out and final questions for the panelists


During the introductions, we will be sharing spenddown charts for our panelists.

Federal Program Updates - Title I - 3-7-23 1020a-1105a
Download PDF • 1.10MB

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