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2023 Federal Title Directors Meeting In-person Agenda (2)_edited.png
2023 Federal Title Directors Meeting In-person Agenda (2)_edited.png

From Students to World Changers: Equipping Young People to Become Leaders in a Difficult World

Naples 6-7

Mar 7, 2023

Keynote Speaker: Jessyca Matthews

The Attend Session button below covers the following sessions: Welcome, Superintendent, Keynote intro, Keynote, and What MTSS Looks Like in Nevada.

Nevada Keynote Jessyca Mathews March 2023
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Bio: Jessyca Mathews

Jessyca Mathews is a language arts educator from Flint, Michigan, and has received several awards for her skills in teaching. In 2019, she was awarded Regional Teacher of the Year from the State of Michigan and Secondary English Teacher of the Year by the Michigan Council of Teachers of English in 2018. She is a teacher-consultant in the Red Cedar Writing Project and has done public speaking on her liberatory work with young world changers. She was nominated for Social Justice Activist of the Year by the National Education Association in 2017 and won the Samford Award in 2018. Her writing appears in McSweeney’s and the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and MSNBC has interviewed her, and she will be in her television episode with START TV in 2022.

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